Our Team

Faheem Khan


I take care of overall business development.

Aaron Smith

Software Developer

I enjoy developing various kind of software for our instrumentation.

Mario Soriano

Mechanical Engineer

I am responsible for product design and manufacturing

Hank Mottl

VP Sales (Pro bono)

I like to explore the markets for our technology

Brandyn Clapp

Mechanical Engineer

I take care of instrument design, fabrication and overall assembly.

Prof. Thomas Thundat


I am a professor. At Fourien, I provide scientific direction to their R&D team.

Dr. William Edward Lee

Managing Scientist

I take care of chemistry of bio-molecular attachment of receptor molecules to sensor surfaces, bio-physics of nucleic acid hybridization, etc

Dr. Patrick Nolan

Consulting Scientist

I support technical implementation of surface chemistry for functionalization of gold surfaces of bio sensors.

Dr. Bruce Ritchie


I a hematologist, oncologist, general internist, clinical researcher and biochemistry researcher. I advise on sensor design for various applications in blood diagnostics.