Lab Tests

Blood Coagulation

Blood coagulation can be measured using just a drop of serum.

Protein Disorder

Protein disorder in cerebrospinal fluid can be estimated by measuring viscosity of a sample.

Drug Development

Drug R&D needs precise characterization of precious reagents.

DNA Melting

Our BioMEMS sensors can perform DNA melting measurements on under half a nanoliter volume of a reagent.

Antibiotics Evaluation

Antimicrobial testing of an antibiotic can be tested on as fewer as 50 bacteria in a confined microfluidic channel.

Drug Binding

Binding of drugs to targetted molecules can be determined for as low as few nanograms of a drug

Injectability Evaluation

Precisely measure physical properties of protein formulations for their injectability.

Analytical Measurements

Perform highly precise measurements of physical, thermal and chemical properties of various kinds of liquids.


Density of small volumes, as low as 50 picoliters, can be measured for various liquid samples.


Along with density, simultaneous measurement of viscosity can be performed as well.


Perform infrared based spectroscopy on picoliter volumes of solutions.


The heat sensitive sensors can perform various thermal measurements on small volumes of previous reagents.

Material Characterization

Whether it is polymer, chemical or petroleum industry, our nanoscale material characterization can be highly beneficial for anyone.

Polymer Calorimetry

Our sensors can be successfully used to perform nano-calorimetry on various polymers used on pharmaceutical and petrochemical industry

Hydrocarbon quantification

Various hydrocarbon contents in a drug, etc. can be quantified using our technology.

Chemical Analysis

Our sensors can quantify molecular level composition of a sample

Advance your science with our solutions

Many researchers and professors across the world are using our technology to solve challenging problems in science. We are highly flexible in the design of our products which can help build a product right for your lab.


Our technologies truly provide a platform to analyze reagents at a nanoscale.


Our microfluidics offers studying microorganisms in much higher details than ever before.

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