Quester Q10 is launched now

Contiflow offers noise free micro level flow

Our Philosophy

Simplicity, Client Centric, Robustness, Innovation

We stem from highly scientific background. Our products are based on four principles;

Scientific research

Our work has been published in well reputed scientific journals. The scientific research provides the backing of our solutions.

User Experience

We develop software to offer high level of user experience.


Our Most Popular Products

After R&D of multiple years, we have developed a portfolio of highly advanced and innovative products

Picomeasure PM3


PM3 is a versatile instrument, which employs microfluidic cantilevers or other types of MEMS.

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Contiflow ensure precise and highly controlled flow through our microfluidic sensors.

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Quester Q10


Quester offers precise analysis of droplets of different reagents in liquid form.

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Microfluidic Cantilever


Various designs of microfluidic cantilevers offer different options for measurements.

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