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Quartz Probes

Technically called quatz tuning forks, the quartz probes can be immersed in a droplet or a solution to determine some complex properties such as density, viscosity, presence of specific molecules, temperature, etc. These quartz probe sensors are used as consumables with Quester Q10.


Quartz probes can characterize as small reagent volumes as two microliters.

Droplet analysis

These probes are very well suited to analyze single droplets, which are an emerging area in microfluidics research.

Surface coatings

The quartz surface can be coated with different chemistries/functionalization which are used to selectively attach specific molecules.


These probes are quite robust. For some specific applications, these can be cleaned and reused multiple times.


Research Articles

Quartz tuning fork, a low-cost orthogonal measurement tool for the characterization of low-volume liquid reagents Download PDF