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Microfluidic Cantilevers

These MEMS sensors have a capability to characterize picoliter volumes of different reagents for various properties. These sensors are used as consumables in Picomeasure PM3.

Dual-channel Microfluidic Cantilevers

These MEMS cantilevers provide dual channel which run parallel to each other. Each micro channel can be used for different media.

Microfluidic Strings

Unlike a cantilever, these MEMS sensors are clamped on their both ends. They are also under tension which makes them vibrate at higher resonance frequency therefore, these sensors exhibit higher sensitivity towards application such as mass loading of small particles.


Research Articles

Microfluidic cantilever detects bacteria and measures their susceptibility to antibiotics in small confined volumes Download PDF

Nanomechanical identification of liquid reagents in a microfluidic channel Download PDF

Thermomechanical responses of microfluidic cantilever capture DNA melting and properties of DNA premelting states using picoliters of DNA solution Download PDF

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