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Picomeasure PM3

Picomeasure utilizes our microfluidic cantilever sensors to perform various measurements on small samples of bio samples. Additionally, the instrument is also to perform dynamic and static measurements of mechanically vibrating micro electro mechanical systems (MEMS) such as membranes, cantilevers, etc. The optional integrated infrared source provides a possibility to excite the MEMS structure with optical energy of different wavelengths. Below is a summary of salient features of the instrument.

Multi Sensor

PM3 can take measurements of up to 16 cantilevers, located on single or two chips.

Small Scale

The instrument is able to characterize sample volumes as low as 100 pico liters or nanograms (for solid state samples)


Multiple types of measurements can be performed simultaneously.


PM3 can be customized for different needs for an analytical lab.