Our story

We started as a research project, now we are serving our clients globally

Fourien Inc. was started with an aim to develop advanced technology for nano scale, low cost and rapid diagnostics and analytical measurements of expensive reagents, commonly used in industries such as biotech, pharmaceuticals, petrochemicals, agriculture. Currently, our main focus is to develop solution for biotech and pharmaceuticals applications but our instruments and sensors can be customized to other industries as well. In order to deliver state of the art solutions, we incorporate advanced facilities for nanofabrication, product design, electronics assembly and instrument testing.

Originally, the company was started as a success story from the lab of Prof. Thomas Thundat at the University of Alberta (Edmonton) Canada. The early research on microfluidic MEMS and instrumentation was supported by Prof. Thundat through his Canada Excellence Research Chairs (CERC) Program. Currently, the company is based in Pylypow Industrial area in Edmonton.

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